Stats 10 Quiz #5a

Stats 10 Quiz #5a - 1. Which of the following statements...

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1. Which of the following statements best describes the effect on the Binomial Probability Model if the number of trials is held constant and p (the probability of "success") increases? a. The mean and the standard deviation both increase b. The mean increases and the standard deviation decreases c. The mean decreases and the standard deviation increases d. The mean and standard deviation both decrease e. None of these statements are true 2. A quality control engineer claims that the number of defective items manufactured during a run of 100 of these products is independent of the number from other runs and that the proportion of defects is about 4 per 100. What is the probability that there will be no defects on the next run? a. 0.034 b. 0.051 c. 0.017 d. 0.009 e. None of these 3. In a game of roulette there are 18 red numbers, 18 black numbers and 2 green numbers. You may bet on red or black, but not green. If you win a $10 bet on the color, the house pays you $10. In the long run, what is the expected value for each $10 you play at this game? a. -4.74 b. +4.74 c. -0.53 d. +0.53 e. Cannot be determined 4. Suppose that an office supplies company sells calculators in bulk at wholesale prices, as well as individually at retail prices. Next year’s sales depend on market conditions, but executives use probability to find estimates of sales for the coming year. The following tables are estimates or
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Stats 10 Quiz #5a - 1. Which of the following statements...

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