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mw: Math 112 Genl Stats Note on TI-83 keystrokes: “->” sometimes means STO (i.e. Store), and sometimes denotes following a path of menu items. The usage should be clear to users familiar with the TI-83 by the context of the command sequence. I. Chapter 4 : Gathering Data 1. All the subjects of interest are called the _______________. Population 2. The subset of the population that the data is collected on is called the ____________. Sample 3. The ______________________________ measures the outcome of interest. Response variable. 4. The variable that explains the response variable is called the ______________________________. Explanatory variable. 5. data is collected on the sample 6. There are two types of studies: _____________________________ and _________________. Observational studies, experiments 7. When a researcher observes values of the response variable and explanatory variables for the sampled subjects, without anything being done to the subjects, this is called an ______________________________. Observational study 8. When the goal of a study is to establish cause and effect, an _______________ is needed. Experiment. 9. There are many situations in which an experiment is not practical. Two of these situations are when there are ____________________________ or ____________________________. Time constraints, ethical issues. 10. When setting up a sample survey, a list of subjects in the population from which the sample will be taken is called the ________________________. Sampling frame. 11. The margin of error for estimating a population proportion with a sample survey is approximately ____________. n 1 1
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mw: Math 112 Genl Stats 12. When each subject in a sampling frame is given an equal chance of being selected to be in the sample, this is called a ________________________. Random sampling. 13. A ____________________________________ is when every sample of size ‘n’ subjects from a population has the same chance of being selected. Simple random sample. 14. The standard deviation of a sampling distribution is called the ________________________. Standard error. 15. Given a population with mean μ, and standard deviation . When a random sample of size σ n is taken, the sampling distribution of the sample mean x has a: a. Mean of ________. μ b. A standard error of ________, n σ 16. Give the key strokes to store 314 as a seed for the random number generator in the TI- 83:____________. 314->rand, where rand is obtained by Math->Prb->rand 17. If we have a sampling frame of size N = 100, and wish to take a random sample of the population by generating an integer between 1 and 100, give the key strokes to do this: _________________________. Math->Prb->randInt (1, 100)
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chaps4-6reviewKey - mw: Math 112 Genl Stats Test 2 Review:...

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