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Quoting Poetry in Explications Structure your analysis around “block quotations” of the passages you are discussing. Indent these quotations two “tabs” from the left and double space them, preserving the capitalization and any special indentation found in the original, as with the following haiku by Richard Wright. Naked to the sky, A village without a name In the setting sun. Mention the name of the author and, if applicable, the name of the poem in the text of your essay so that you won’t need to include that information with the citation.
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Unformatted text preview: You do not need to include page numbers for poems. If you quote an entire poem, you do not need to include line numbers. If you quote an excerpt from a longer poem, you should include line numbers, as with the following excerpt from “Dharmakaya” by Paula Meehan. Remember a time in the woods, a path you walked so gently no twig snapped no bird startled. (lines 13-16) You should not have any quotes longer than four lines. The poem excerpts should be the double-spaced and indented two tabs....
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