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RR2-8-1 - If you had to find some comon thread running...

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For RR II (pp 36-73) , please write of what you feel changes from Heaney's first book to the second and third. If anything does change for you, please go into detail about what seems to be different in language, theme, form and/or content. Due Tuesday, 2/12. For RR III (pp74-105) , please write about a poem you don't like or understand from any book. Explain what you do understand and like about another poem (Compare/Contrast). Due Tuesday, 2/12. For RR IV , please write about the film you are watching. Most of you have emailed me the film you've chosen. Write what you learned about Irish culture or History from the film. RR IV can be handed in anytime before March. Due by Thursday, 2/28. For RR V (pp105-137) , “North,” “Bog Queen,” and “Grauballe Man”
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Unformatted text preview: If you had to find some comon thread running through these three poems, what would it be? Due Thursday, 2/14. For RR VI (pp138-183) , Choose any poem and write about the sounds and images. Due Thursday, 2/14. For RR VII (Longley pp 3-39) Looking at the titles of the books and poems in the table of contents, what does it seem like Michael Longley is going to write about? Looking through the poems at a glance, how do they differ in shape from Heaney’s? Pick a poem and write your initial reactiona and thoughts about the poem. Due Tuesday, 2/26. For RR VIII (Longley pp40-81) Write an imitation of “Ghost Town” or “Confessions of an Irish Ether-Drinker.” Due Thursday, 2/28....
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