EXAM 1 - Important Radio History Guys Heinrich Hertz 1887 o...

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January 18, 2007 Important Radio History Guys Heinrich Hertz- 1887 o The existence of radio wave generation Guglielmo Marconi- 1899 o Developed the spark generator, the machine that could actually create the waves that Hertz theorized (it could send out messages over the air, without the wire, and could be received as Morse code- dots and dashes, no messages) o Asked Italian government for support but they said no, so mother moved them to London and England government under writed his development, starting the Marconi Company o American Marconi Company also sent back proceeds to Marconi Reginald Fessendon- 1900 o Thought in terms of continuous wave o Thought in terms of a new system o 1901- Fessendon developed the heterodyne receiver. A. Challenge- to get the earpiece diaphragm to vibrate B. Solution- use two different currents C. Sold the patent to Westinghouse o 1902- Fessendon cuts a deal with General Electric to produce an alternating current generator. GE would retain the patent Ernst Alexanderson- a GE (Swedish) scientist eventually was successful by 1915. Lee DeForest- 1912 developed the audion amplifier. It could amplify sound and Back at the Ranch Marconi Company dominates world communications with spark technology U.S. Navy in 1906 leases its communications equipment from the American Marconi Company 1919- Marconi Company and GE enter negotiations U.S. Navy becomes paranoid The Roaring 20s The growth of radio broadcasting and frequency chaos. The Radio Act of 1927 and the Federal Radio Commission o The Federal Radio Commission would tell people when they could be on the air and to solve chaos NBC Red and NBC Blue owned by RCA (NBC formed in 1926) CBS formed by William Paley in 1927 (cigar heir) o Columbia Broadcasting Company was a competitor of NBC
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o Stole a lot of good talent for NBC and created some of their own new talent NBC Blue becomes ABC (Edward J Noble- candy manufacturer, lifesavors) Sine wave Measured in hertz January 23, 2007 Empire of the Air (created by Ken Burns) Lee DeForest- the misguided loner o Born in Iowa, son of a minister, grew up poor, family moved to Alabama after Civil War and father started a school for newly freed slaves o Grew up smart, but became a con man and took advantage of people Edwin Armstrong- the tragic hero o Grew up wealthy o Most responsible for the invention of the radio- took what the audion tube did and reinvented it several times o He invented FM radio David Sarnoff- the ruthless corporate executive o One of the first CEOs of RCA o Russian immigrant who pulled him self out of poverty Fatal personality flaws o DeForest- you name it, wouldn’t compromise o Armstrong- stubbornness, lack of pragmatism? o
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EXAM 1 - Important Radio History Guys Heinrich Hertz 1887 o...

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