CH 7 - Chapter 7 Violence Violence in US Murder rate is...

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Chapter 7: Violence Violence in US Murder rate is almost twice as high as Canada, 3X higher than most European nations, 5X higher than Japan Children watches 12,000 acts of violence on TV a year More than 200 million guns, enough to arm every person over 13 What is Violence? Violence - behavior that causes injury to people or damage to property May or may not be defined as a social problem Some are normal or even desirable (war, football, death penalty, movies) Factors that decide a violent behavior What is intended by their actions? Accident or intentional (car crash) Does the violence conform to, or violate, social norms and values? Football Does the violence support or threaten the social order? Football is big business Is the violence committed by or against the government? For the good of the people Government and Violence Institutional Violence - violence carried out by government representatives under the law. (SWAT, against criminals and foreign enemies) Anti-institutional Violence - violence directed against the government in violation of the law (terrorism) Criminal Violence Most people see criminal offenses as the biggest part of the general problem of violence in our society-intent to harm, breaking social norms, oppose order Violent crime : crime that involves violence or the threat of violence against others-murder, assault, rape, robbery Occurs every 10 seconds Murder Murder involves the unlawful, intentional killing of one person by another Manslaughter - unintentional killing of one person by another (car wreck) Murder Patterns A decline in last 4 decades, but these patterns are the same
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o Males- 65% victims - 77% offenders o Most murders are unplanned, resulting from arguments between acquaintances that suddenly turn violent o Most murder cases, offenders and victims are of the same race o U.S. most violent high-income country on earth Murder Mass Murder : the intentional, unlawful killing of four or more people at one time and place (most are men) o Schools (Columbine 1999,13 died) o Workplaces, schools, 9/11 o Almost all are men, many collect firearms, abuse alcohol or drugs Serial Murder : the killing of several people by one offender over a period of time (a small faction of all murders, most mentally ill and men) Jeffrey Dahmer (killed 15,died in prison attach 1994) Ted Bundy (killed 30, executed 1989) o Most older, men, target men, mentally ill, controlling of others Combating Deadly Violence Changes needed in the criminal system: o “Three strikes and you’re out” policy (life in prison for a third felony conviction) o Mandatory prison sentences for many crimes (over 2 million in prison) o Increased number of police across the US (1990-400,000, 2002 670,000) o “Zero tolerance” policy ( police can stop you for anything to investigate to Combating Deadly Violence 3/4 of US adults believe the criminal justice system is not doing enough to combat
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CH 7 - Chapter 7 Violence Violence in US Murder rate is...

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