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Test 2 Review - 1 JRN 1101 EXAM TWO REVIEW Answer the...

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JRN 1101 EXAM TWO REVIEW Answer the following questions based on what the different groups presented in class. 1) GROUP 1: The effects of violent lyrics Meghan Branum, Jennifer Bergob, William Ashley, Anthony Bennett, Patrick Bryan i. According to the study of 2,760 teenagers in10 southeastern cities, the average listening hours of music were week is _____ hours. ii. No study has yet proven that there is a correlation between sexually explicit or violent lyrics and adverse behavioral effects (True/ False). 2) GROUP 2: Common themes in women’s magazines Travilia Clark, Sangya Dhungana, Charlton Cooper, Ashley Dowling, Aleisha Kayla Burleson i. What were the three main common women’s fashion magazine themes discussed? ii. One of the earliest cigarette ad campaign directed at women was “Lucky Strikes.” (True/ False). 3) GROUP 3: Should elementary schools and high schools restrict student access to controversial books? Lauren East, Amber Gillespie, Joshua Floyd, Alyssa Frank, Marcus Fields i. Many books have been banned due to challenging concepts, words, and illustrations. (True/ False) ii. Due to the increase in book banning, teachers now offer children with parental consent forms to read books that are deemed controversial. (True/ False) 4) GROUP 4: How has the creation of online newspapers affected the print industry? Morgan Hamner, Abby Gresham, Britney Gooden, Byne Goodin, Courtney Griggs i. According to the World Newspaper Forum, the number of websites sponsoring online news has halved since 1999. (True/ False). ii. The
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Test 2 Review - 1 JRN 1101 EXAM TWO REVIEW Answer the...

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