Ch 8-12 notes.

Ch 8-12 notes. - Cell Division Asexual - no sex involved,...

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Cell Division Asexual - no sex involved, identical genome. Replicate - split the genome then the cells. Cell Division(prokaryote) - binary fission(dividing in half) Cell Division(eukaryote) mitosis - replication and seperation of genetic information. Mitosis occurs in somatic cells Diploid(2N) = N is the sex gametes - sex cells. Haploid(1N) - 1 set of chromosomes. Homologous Chromosomes - a part of chromosomes of the same kind in a diploid cell. Carry the genes that are coding for the same inherited characteristics. Sister Chromotids - indentical copies of the DNA of each chromosome. Cell Cycle - each cell will only go through once. 1. growth 2. Division Cell Cycle (pg 130-131) 1. G1 - growth, day to day business 2. S(synthesis) - genome replication. copy of the DNA is created. 3. G2(Gap 2) - some growth occurs, prepares for cell division. Chromosomes condense. 4. Mitosis a. Prophase - longest phase, formation of spindle apparatus, chromosomes attach to spindle. b. Metaphase - chromosomes move to the center c. Anaphase(shortest phase) - chromosomes seperate and migrate to opposite poles of cells d. Telophase - chromotids arrive at opposite poles of cells undoing telophase. 5. Cytoplasmic Division(cytokinesis) animal - forms cleavage furrow and pinches cell into two. plant - cell plate grows outward accumulating more cell wall materials as more vesicles fuse with it. + - begins cell division - - end cell division Cell Cycle is monitored by checkpoint genes(segments of DNA) Cancer - unresticted growth of cells, failure of of cell division control Tumor - result in an abnormal number of cells that grow. Types(Categories) of Cancers
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Ch 8-12 notes. - Cell Division Asexual - no sex involved,...

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