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CSS 1302 - Pie chart show part(s of a whole percentages ~...

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Unformatted text preview: - Pie chart: show part(s} of a whole, percentages ~ Positives: prepared in advance, don’t iose eye—contact with audience, color — Negatives: take a while to prepare, finding some way to display chart/graph 3. Pictures - Positives: establish clarity ~ Negatives: rarely size we need, blowing up/magnifying loose quality - Words/ power points are not a visual aid 16. What advice would you offer someone who plans to use a visual aid? List and explain at least seven do’s or don'ts of using a visual aid. 1. 2. 3. 8. 9. Make sure everybody in audience can see visual aid — big, bold & simple Do not block your visual aid; stand behind/off to one side Do not talk to visual aid; maintain eye—contact with audience as much as possible; when visuai aid has done its task cover/erase/remove — leaving it up for whole speech is counterproductive Do not circulate your visual aid through the audience; it’ s distracting — you loose control and the whole audience cannot see visual aid at the same time Do not give each person an individuai copy of visual aid; no passing out If you have to pass out copies, do color code or place large numbers on top of page Do not expect the visual aid to do the work for you (ex: i/‘ndian Guides meeting) 3. Always prepare audience by presenting your visual aid to them Never assume the audience will see all that you see in visual aid without emphasis and explanation Avoid complicated diagrams or minute details —too much clutters and distracts 10. Do not elaborate the obvious just to use a visual aid, it’ s useless 11. Do not violate nouns/standards of audience — always be sensitive to your audience a. Ex: killing/skinning rabbit in front of class; "Guns don’t kill peopie, people do" then puil out a gun and fire blanks into audience 17. Define fully the following terms: a. Communication: any process by which one mind effects another mind 13. MM: any sign process c. fig: a stimulus event that directs that attention of the organism (ex: person/audience) to something other than itself; represents and stands for something, makes us think of something else other than itself (ex: one if by land, two If by sea signaled by Paul Revere; traffic light) ' d. Symbol: nothing more than a major class of signs i. Has to be unique to humankind ii. Created by its user as a substitute for other signs iii. it is mobile, flexible, and occurs in a variety of contexts iv. Multiple in use and meaning; therefore, inherently ambiguous (ex: 256 definitions of "run") v. Are arbitrary and conventionalized (ex: Mad Hatter “means what it means because I said so”) ...
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