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Will Kim Experiment 1a Characterization of an Unknown Solid and Liquid Part A: Determination of the density of a liquid 1. Use a 1 or 5ml volumetric flask to find the density of liquids. 2. Rinse before and after with .5 ml or less of acetone. 3. Must develop own procedure and record a summary of it on lab report. Part B: Determination of Refractive Index of a Liquid 1. Calibrate your Refractometer with water. DO NOT TOUCH THE PRIMS WITH ANY HARD OBJECT. 2. Place sample in the sample prisms. 3. Adjust light to shine on upper prism. Lock arm in place. 4. Use the adjustment knobs while looking through the eyepiece. 5. Align the split optical field and adjust the compensating prism to minimize colors. 6. Record the refractive index scale and the temperature. 7. Clean prisms with ethanol and kimwipe. Part C: Determining Melting point of a Solid 1. Load melting point capillary with sample. 2. Set the heat control to 4, then to 5 at 100°C, then to 6 at 150°C. 3.
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