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Unformatted text preview: 1. Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in Maryland. By the time he was (about) 15, Douglass had been through a number of masters and landed in the hands of Thomas Auld. Because Douglass was used to the nicer treatment of the Auldss in Baltimore he did not get along very well with how Thomas Auld treated him and the other slaves. Master Thomas hired him out to Edward Covey for a year in the hopes that Covey could break Douglasss spirit. In the first 6 months of his being on Coveys farm did indeed do its job to break his spirit but, one day while Douglass is working in the stable Covey tries to tie him up so he can beat him but Douglass fights back. Covey calls in a few other men but they either choose not to fight or Douglass hurts them as well. Covey says that he beats Douglass but Douglass is the one who draws blood from Covey. From that day on Covey may threaten Douglass, but never whips him. Douglasss spirit is also repaired back to what it had been before Covey, and he says that even though he was a slave for 4 more years he had several fights, but was never whipped. This experience is both similar and different to that of other slaves (like those in the narratives). This experience is both similar and different to that of other slaves (like those in the narratives)....
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