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Study Questions on Dreamworlds 3

Study Questions on Dreamworlds 3 - Study Questions on Dream...

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Study Questions on Dream worlds 3 1. What has happened to music videos in terms of their place in the culture? Moved from the margins of the culture and innocence to the very center into a cauldron of controversy around the nature of the sexual imagery that came to define it 2. What story about women is told across the whole range of our media culture? In the most compelling of forms - CONSTRUCTING FEMININITY 3. How are women presented in music video with regard to sexuality? As ravenous creatures who desire sex at all times Aggressors who won’t take no for an answer 4. What understanding does the cliché of multiple women draped over a man help construct? An understanding of femininity always being defined by a powerful man 5. What happens to women in music videos when men are absent? Acceptable substitutes have to be found – I becomes a bleak world and the fall apart emotionally until a man return 6. What is the major activity that the women of music video are engaged in? Party endlessly 7. What female character has evolved into one of the major aspects of music videos? Stripper THE PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGINATION 8. What is a staple of heterosexual male fantasy?
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Girl on girl action 9.
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