Study Questions on Tough Guise

Study Questions on Tough Guise - Study Questions on Tough...

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Study Questions on Tough Guise 1. What does Jackson Katz call the Wizard of Oz in relation to masculinity? A metaphor for looking at masculinity in a new way – not just a fixed inevitable state of being but rather as a projection, a pose, a mask then men where to protect their masculinity 2. What does the “tough guise” emphasize? Toughness and physical strength and gaining the respect and admiration of others through violence 3. Why is the ‘tough guise” even more pronounced for men of color? Because there are so little images of diversity for them to begin within the media culture 4. Why does Katz believe that problems of violence are actually problems of masculinity? Most of the people who commit acts of violence are male 5. Why is calling attention to the link between violence and definitions of masculinity not anti-male? It’s just being honest about what is going on in boy’s and men’s lives 6. Why might some young men put on the “tough guise”? As a survival mechanism to survive in whatever peer culture they happen to be in HIDDEN: A GENDER 7. What is one of the ways that dominance functions?
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Through being unexamined 8. What does the linguist Julia Penelope say about how we talk about crimes against women? The use of the passive voice tends to shift our focus off of male perpetrators and onto female victims and survivors 9. What did the New York Times do in how it covered the school shootings in Jonesboro, Arkansas? Attempted to pull together all of the factors of what is causing the shootings - Briefly mentioned that boys were almost always the killers but failed to discuss that in the rest of the article 10. When girls commit violence, what is always part of the story? The gendered nature of the crime UPPING THE ANTE 11. What is the difference between the Batman and Superman figures of the 1960s and the Batman and Superman of today? They have become much more muscular and larger 12. What has happened to the image of the female body in the decades since the 1950s? Becoming much thinner
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Study Questions on Tough Guise - Study Questions on Tough...

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