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Allegory of the cave

Allegory of the cave - Once they leave the cave they are...

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Question 1 The Allegory of the Cave had many strengths and weaknesses. I think that towards the beginning of the reading it had more weaknesses because it was very vague and difficult to comprehend. However once you got into the reading and Plato explained certain aspects of his thought more it was much easier to understand. He makes a lot of very good points such as when the person who left the cave and saw the light found it much more difficult to see after returning to the cave. This is true because once someone is educated it is much harder for them to see things the same way they once did. I think that he uses the cave as a way very simple way to explain the way people are with education and knowledge. He compares our world to the cave because when one is simple and doesn’t know much they just see what is put in front of them such as the prisoners and the shadows.
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Unformatted text preview: Once they leave the cave they are able to see the light and the real images. This is similar to the way people are once they are educated. They go from just seeing the simple things like the shadows to being able to interpret what they see are. Question 5 Socrates talks about how the most intelligent young people should rule because they are the most knowledgeable. He says that they should rule because they are not always anxious to rule, because of this they will listen more to the people and do more of what they want. Also he belives that because they are obligated to their country that they will join the government. This is a good point because people are always obligated to their country and this will lead to involvement into government...
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