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UGC 111 J. Bono November 14, 2007 Throughout the reading from The Decameron by Boccaccio it brings up many good points that most people face during their lifetime. The intro discusses many relevant topics that have very good meanings and should be paid attention to. The story begins with a man discussing the way in which he had been hurt by his love and how tremendously difficult it was for him to deal with the fact. He states that “I am firmly convinced I should now be dead if it had not been for that” referring to the help and support of his friends. I believe that all people go through tough situations and no matter how tough that situation is friends and family will always get one through and be a source of relief. He talks about the way that pain eventually fades away and is healed in time, but the memory is forever lasting. However during that time of grieving people find ways to occupy themselves which is definitely true. After a certain amount of time which varies for all people, pain slowly and gradually
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