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pq20ans - diffraction pattern if A The screen is far away B...

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PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II FALL 2004 Post Quiz 20 Name___________ ANSWERS _________________ In the space provided, to the left of the question number, write the letter corresponding to the best answer to the question. _A _ 1. In the equation sin θ = λ / a , for single slit diffraction, “ θ ” is: A. the angular position of the first minimum B. the angular position of the second maximum C. The phase difference between the extreme rays D. m π where m is an integer E. ( m + ½) π where m is an integer _C _ 2. No interference minima, and therefore no fringe pattern, would be seen in a single slit
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Unformatted text preview: diffraction pattern if: A. The screen is far away B. the slit width is greater than a wavelength C. the slit width is less than a wavelength D. the wavelength is less than the distance to the screen E. none of the above, fringes are always seen _D _ 3. The resolving power of a microscope is a measure of its ability to: A. produce a large image B. produce a bright image C. form a plane image of a plane object D. form distinctly separate images of two points which are close together E. settle differences of opinion...
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