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notes Period life table construction - Eco 572: Research...

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Eco 572: Research methods in Demography Period Life Table Construction Here's how to reproduce the calculations in Box 3.1 of Preston et a. (p. 49) using Stata as a calculator. (Stata has a ltable command for cohort life tables.) The input data are counts of the mid-year population and the number of deaths at ages 0,1-4,5-9,. ..,80-84,85+ for Austrian males in 1992, available in the course website. . infile age N D using (19 observations read) We need the width of the age intervals. . gen n = age[_n+1]-age // leaves width of last interval missing (1 missing value generated) The calculations are pretty straitforward. The numbers below refer to the numbered steps in the textbook. To ensure full precision I use doubles; floats are good for only about 7 digits and this can be a problem with large numbers such as n L x . 1. We compute death rates dividing events by exposure. . gen m = D/N 2. Next we need the time lived by deaths ( n a x ). Preston et al. borrow these values for ages 5 to 75 from Keyfitz and Flieger (1971), p.21. I saved those values in a Stata file so I can easily merge them here (after sorting by age) . sort age . merge age using (You should list the data to see what you got.) The factors for ages 0-1 and 1-4, however, are based on the Coale-Demeny equations under age 5, which depends on the mortality rate at age 0, so we use cond : . rename nax a // I am omitting the subscripts for simplicity . replace a = cond(m[1] >= 0.107, .330, .045 + 2.684 * m[1]) in 1 (1 real change made) . replace a = cond(m[1] >= 0.107, 1.352, 1.651 - 2.816 * m[1]) in 2 (1 real change made) The value for the last age is not used, but we will replace it anyway to avoid confusion
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notes Period life table construction - Eco 572: Research...

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