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pq22ans - A its energy B its momentum C the frequency of...

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PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II FALL 2004 Post Quiz 22 Name___________ ANSWERS _________________ In the space provided, to the left of the question number, write the letter corresponding to the best answer to the question. _A _ 1. Monoenergetic electrons are incident on a barrier with a single slit. If the energy of each incident electron is increased, the central maximum of the diffraction pattern: A. narrows B. widens C. stays the same D. narrows for slow electrons and widens for fast electrons E. there is no such thing as electron diffraction _E _ 2. The probability that a particle is in a given small region of space is proportional to:
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Unformatted text preview: A. its energy B. its momentum C. the frequency of its wave function D. the wavelength of its wave function E. the square of the magnitude of its wave function _B _ 3. An electron passes through a single slit, and as a result, the component of its momentum parallel to the slit is uncertain by ∆ p y . ∆ p y is reduced if: A. the slit width is decreased B. the slit width is increased C. the energy of the electron is increased D. the energy of the electron is decreased E. the momentum of the electron is increased...
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