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Solids lab - Experimental Procedure We each recorded the...

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Experimental Procedure We each recorded the lengths and diameters of the samples then took the average to find the most exact measurement. Then we made hypotheses about how each of the two samples will differ before actually testing them. We took down the load cell range and displacement rate settings for the crosshead on the MTS for each individual sample. We then watched as the machine was calibrated then loaded the first non heat-treated sample into the machine. The extensometer was then attached and everything was calibrated. The machine was then turned on and started recording data. When the metal reached its yielding point the extensometer was removed to ensure it wouldn’t get damaged. Then the sample was tested until it broke. After the sample broke we removed it and took further calculations of its new elongated length and diameter at the point of fracture and elsewhere. Afterwards the next sample was prepped and tested by the machine. Laboratory Discussion Questions
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