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Paraphrase: The Declaration of Independence

Paraphrase: The Declaration of Independence - endowed by...

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Steven Ozemba English 1010-004 Prof. Ann AL-Chokhachi 2/13/08 Paraphrase: The Declaration of Independence Whilst in the line of soul measures , it becomes essential for individual people to disband from the political bands which have associated them with another , and to take for granted amid the powers of the world , the different and identical position to which the Laws of Life and of Nature’s deity enable them , an honest admiration to the opinions of mankind entail that they should announce the reasons which drive them to the disjointing . We believe these facts to be obvious , that all men are produced identically , that they are
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Unformatted text preview: endowed by their author with assured absolute Rights , that amidst these are Life, Liberty, and the quest of Happiness . That to protect these constitutional rights , Governments are instituted along with Men , obtaining their just powers from the sanction of the governed. That when any structure of Government becomes critical of these ends , it is the Right of the citizens to modify or put an end to it , and to introduce a new regime, laying its groundwork on such values, and arranging its influence in such structure , as to them shall seem likely to change their wellbeing and contentment ....
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