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Steven Ozemba English 1010-004 Prof. Ann AL-Chokhachi 2/11/2008 Lamott, Anne. “Shitty First Drafts .” Language Awareness. Ninth Edition. Editors Paul Escholz, Alfred Rosa, and Virginia Clark . Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2005. 93-95. In this selection , Anne Lamott, author of six novels, declares that, when writing papers, we need to let go and get our horrible first draft out of the way so that we can continue to our second and third drafts . She proclaims that everyone writes these terrible first drafts. Even the best writer that you could think of writes “shitty” first drafts . Lamott goes on to explain that she knows only one writer who writes well enough to
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Unformatted text preview: make elegant first drafts . This writer is a lady that, according to Lamott, no one likes, not even God. But still, Lamott agrees that this lady can write . Lamott explains that all first drafts are the childs drafts . To her, it seems too childlike and immature for publication . Whenever we write these drafts, we hope that no one will see them running around in their diapers making everything shitty. We hope that one will only see the amazing and grown-up second and third drafts lying around. Those are the ones that count, after all....
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