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Study Guide Exam 3 - World Civilizations I History 1...

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Unformatted text preview: World Civilizations I History 1 110-011 Spring 2008 Ms. Scherr Study Guide- Exam 3 Identify & define the following items in short answer format (4—6 sentence paragraph). Be sure to including a date, geographical location, & historical significance. Constantinople Caesaropapism Corpus Imis Civilis (Justinian Code) Schism Muhammad ibn Abdullah Quran (Koran) Hajj Sufis . Grand Canal 10. Tang Taizong 1 1. Chan Buddhism (Zen) 12. Zhu Xi 13. Monsoon System 14. Kingdom of Axum 15. Guru Kabir 16. Angkor Wat 17. Charlemagne l 8. Vikings 19. Manor 20. St. Benedict of Nursia WWNQP‘PP’N!‘ Essay Topic: Emergence & Expansion of Islam ...
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