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Dialogic Journal The dialogic journal is a tool for helping students to discover not only points in the readings that seem important to individual readers; it also helps students to discover and separate what they actually think or believe about issues in our world today apart from what authors of essays, or articles, etc. may think. That is not to say that your “separate” ideas are always in conflict with the author; indeed, you may agree with a great deal that an author has to say on a given issue. However, your most creative and interesting work will come from reacting to articles, etc. that you may disagree with. What I would like to see you do is to get into the practice of using the dialogic journal or other means of “discovery” that will enable you to really know what you think on issues. Many writers affirm that they often are not sure of what they think on any given issue, until they begin to write about it. Example of a Dialogic Journal:
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