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Dialogic Journal 2-22

Dialogic Journal 2-22 - Columbine shootings happened...

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Dialogic Journal Text Me “Columbine used to be one of my favorite flowers” (415) . “How could this happen in an ordinary school, an ordinary neighborhood? Why would any student, however frustrated with meanspirited tormentors, believe that guns and bombs were the answer?” (415) . “Children model the behavior of adults, on whatever scale is available to them Killing is quick and sure and altogether manly” (416) . “Killing is an exalted tool for punishment and control” (416) . This makes it obvious to understand exactly where this essay is heading . After reading this I know the essay points directly at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado where the events of a shooting took place a few years back. I am sure many would agree that something like the
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Unformatted text preview: Columbine shootings happened because of the media . It is all too easy to blame tragedies on the media these days . There is really no ban on certain items such as video games in which you play a terrorist running through the streets of a major city while creating havoc or movies about drug dealing thugs trying to find ways to get away with murder . In response to this, I agree indefinitely . Killing someone justifies one’s manliness . No matter how ridiculous this is, it is definitely the truth . I also believe in this statement. Killing is a powerful tool for punishment and will also keep still almost anything that can lash out into a big fight....
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