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Homework 1-18 - Pg 90 FOC 1 A competent writer according to...

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1/23/08 Eng 1010-004 Pg. 84 FOC 2-3 & pg. 84-85 FOW 1+4 Pg. 90 FOC 1-3 & FOW 1 Pg. 84 FOC 2) I am not doing ANY of the points on the list. I am not a very good writer. The thing that surprised me was that even the most successful writers only average four to six double-spaced pages a day! 3) Explanatory writing is when one explains what their point is in a paper. In other words, the writer already knows what the paper is about. Exploratory writing, on the other hand, is exploring a project. The writer does not know equally what they are writing and need more research. Pg. 84-85 FOW 1) I would not consider Hairston’s words as the jargon of a typical writing teacher. However, I do consider her language appropriate for the average audience. 4) I would describe Hairston’s tone as friendly seeing as how she put her words together forming a friendly how-to-like paper. This tone is pretty important if you want to teach somebody something and want them to actually understand.
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Unformatted text preview: Pg. 90 FOC 1) A competent writer, according to Flower, can close the gap between himself and the reader by gauging the gap between the two. 2) For Flower, the difference between knowledge and attitude is knowledge is what your reader needs to know and attitude is what your reader knows as an image. It is important for writers to understand the difference because you can’t really write without knowing the difference between knowledge and attitude. 3) I think that many words have connotations and denotations because different people perceive these words differently. Home, for example, could mean “a good place to be” for you, but, to someone else, it could mean “Hell.” Pg. 90 FOW 1) Flower assessed my knowledge, needs, and attitude very well in this paper. She definitely shows a sense of sensitivity for the audience with her use of language and examples....
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