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Ozemba 1 Steven Ozemba English 1010 Ms. Courtney Bollinger November 9, 2007 Synthesis Paper The English-Only debate has been hanging in the air since well before our generation. It seems to be growing rapidly along with the ever increasing population of Spanish-Speaking natives in the United States. Native Spanish speakers want to speak Spanish and native English speakers want to continue to speak English and everyone coming into this country must speak English, too. Of course, this is only the majority and there are several languages out there used by our diverse population but, the question still hangs in the air: Should we, as a country, only speak English? I chose three essays that discuss the different aspects of this debate and will point out a key relationship between them. In the time I took to read these essays, I noticed the common sense of unity. Although it shows through in different ways, each author has his own sense of unity through the English Language. In Greg Lewis’ essay, “An Open Letter to Diversity’s Victims,” he talks about the unification of businesses and business men through the English language. Lewis often takes some harsh turns in his words such as, “…you’re going to be damn glad you listened to all those teachers…” (198). Although the words can be harsh in Lewis’ essay, they still have a meaning behind them. The general theme throughout Lewis’ essay is business and success. “Simply put, bilingual education doesn’t provide students whose first language is not Standard English with the single most important skill they need for
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Ozemba 2 making their way in the broader culture,” (197). Lewis uses many examples like this to express his views on the English-Only debate. Something he reiterates over and over are the words “success” and “real jobs.” Underneath all of the business and success talk the Lewis writes about, there is a continuous theme of unity. As I pulled the layers back, I made note of how corporate- world runs America. We all need to succeed in the businesses so that American may be
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Synthesis - Ozemba 1 Steven Ozemba English 1010 Ms Courtney...

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