Textual Analysis Assignment

Textual Analysis Assignment - Textual Analysis Name: _...

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Textual Analysis Name: ___________________________________ Paper #2 Due Dates: Summary—Friday, February 29 Peer Edit—Friday, March 14 Final Draft—Monday, March 17 Introduction and Purpose The purpose of textual analysis is to move beyond telling what another essay means by including analysis of how another essay is written. As a writer, your task is to demonstrate to your readers that you have examined the ways another essay is composed to convey its ideas to readers. In a sense, then, an analytical essay is persuasive because you will be trying to persuade your readers that you see how and why another writer has used certain techniques and strategies to present and develop an idea. Furthermore, one of the most effective ways of improving your own writing is by understanding/studying/analyzing a more skilled writer’s work. In order to compose your textual analysis, you will need to do two things. First, you will have to read the selected essay analytically—that is, closely and critically, for your must try to discover the writer’s meanings and writing strategies. Second, you will have to write about your discoveries. Such writing is, obviously, interpretive. However, your interpretation should be written in a way that conveys your discoveries. The readers of your textual analysis want to
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Textual Analysis Assignment - Textual Analysis Name: _...

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