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notes current status life tables - Eco 572 Research methods...

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Eco 572: Research methods in Demography Current Status Life Tables We will consider applications of current status life tables to nuptiality and breastfeeding. Proportions Married This is the example on page 90 of the textbook, showing proportions single by age for Turkish men in 1990. I start at age 15 rather than 0 because the proportion ever married is zero in the younger age groups. . clear . input a n s a n s 1. 15 3165061 3030203 2. 20 2581153 1853222 3. 25 2435765 629077 4. 30 2096899 180767 5. 35 1784121 77134 6. 40 1418784 43412 7. 45 1111113 26267 8. 50 980115 22527 9. end Next I compute the proportion single in each age group, estimate the proportion single at age 50 ( s50 ) as the average of age groups 45-49 and 50-54, and compute SMAM. I add 15 because that's the age at which I started, and multiply s50 by 35 (which is 50-15). . gen p = s/n . scalar s50 = (p[7]+p[8])/2 . quietly sum p in 1/7 // exclude 50+ . scalar smam = 15 + (5*r(sum)-35*s50)/(1-s50) . display smam 25.003883 SMAM is 25 years and corresponds to the lighter area in the figure below scaled by 1-s50 . (I create two variables to split the proportion single in the fraction that will remain single by age 50 and the rest, so I can show them in different colors.) . gen p50=s50 . gen pr = p-p50 (1 of 6) [2/12/2008 10:40:38 AM]
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Eco 572: Research methods in Demography . graph bar p50 pr, stack over(a, gap(0) ) legend(off) /// > bar(2, color(51 102 153)) /// > title(Proportions Never Married by Age) /// > subtitle(Turkey Males 1990) . graph export smamtk90.png, replace (file smamtk90.png written in PNG format) SMAM is often interpreted as the mean age at marriage conditional on marrying by age 50. This interpretation applies to real cohorts only if we are willing to assume that nuptiality has been constant over the last 35 years. However, the measure is a useful synthetic summary of period nuptiality even without the assumption of stationarity. (In fact, the unscaled version has a direct interpretation as time lived in the single state by Turkish men in 1990.) Duration of Breastfeeding In an earlier handout on smoothing I showed that retrospective reports of duration of breastfeeding in Bangladesh (as elsewhere), show very substantial heaping at multiples of 12 (and to a lesser extent 6)
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notes current status life tables - Eco 572 Research methods...

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