Letter #1 to the Instructor

Letter #1 to the Instructor - But all I can say now is that...

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Steven Ozemba 1/18/2008 ACAD 1110-004 Letter #1 to the Instructor Hello . My name is Steven Ozemba, a.k.a. “Scuba Steve” . I enjoy skateboarding and hanging out with friends, especially my girlfriend . I chose the University of Memphis because it is close by my girlfriend . I did not want to leave her here alone. I also chose the U of M because it is a good school and has an AMAZING basketball team (that is going to win the National Championships )! I do have some fears about college . I actually have MANY fears about college. I have the fear that I am going to fail out. I am standing at a terrible grade right now because I didn’t do too well my first semester . I feel as if I didn’t do too well because of many different factors such as my roommate and my A .D.D. My A.D.D. laid the smackdown on me . I was not getting up on time and not concentrating on any of my work and my roommate wasn’t helping me one bit
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Unformatted text preview: ! But all I can say now is that is all behind me in the past and I am going to try harder this time . I am happy to say that my family and friends are supporting me more now than ever before ! I do not know where I would be without them . My hopes for this semester are that I’ll succeed now more than ever before and I will acquire the skills necessary to build and start my college career . I hope that I’ll impress not only my parents and professors with what I do, but also impress myself . Last semester, I thought I wanted to be a Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management major but now I believe that I should be undecided . It’s way too early in my college career to know what I want to do and I think it to be unnecessary to say what I want to be . I’m simply too young for that....
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Letter #1 to the Instructor - But all I can say now is that...

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