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Textual Analysis Paper draft - Ozemba 1 Steven Ozemba Ann...

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Ozemba 1 Steven Ozemba Ann AL-Chokhachi English 1010-004 March 19, 2008 Textual Analysis – “Going to Japan” In “Going to Japan”, Barbara Kingsolver describes what the title would indicate, her educational trip to Japan . Beneath the surface of the essay, however, is a powerful blast of irony. This irony is represented by Kingsolver learning that as a substitute for perfecting oneself, it is much more important within the Japanese culture to pardon others of their deficiencies . While the shifting tone follows along her feelings of adaptation, Kingsolver’s descriptions illustrate her blunt awkwardness and over-sensitivity . A very possible yet very ambiguous suggestion is that aggressiveness is more prevalent in Western culture . From the very start Kingsolver has a very self-absorbed tone . She’s not concerned with how she will feel about the Japanese, just how they will feel about her and how they will handle the way she acts . The last thing that Kingsolver wants is to embarrass herself by insulting the Japanese people. Being anything but an “Ugly American” (573) is her main objective while visiting . She runs through the motion of doing everything wrong and “picturesquely” (574) so. I think that this is tying in to her coming to understand the idea that being imperfect is okay, and
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Textual Analysis Paper draft - Ozemba 1 Steven Ozemba Ann...

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