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Campus Discovery Reflection Paper - I walked in there...

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Steven Ozemba 1/23/2008 ACAD 1100-004 Reflection Paper I think that this project was really kind of weird but it gave me some knowledge of my school . There were some pretty crazy facts that I found out while on this scavenger hunt of sorts . For instance, I did not know about the 2 permanent exhibits in the Art Museum. I also didn’t know that we had 24 hour computer labs on campus. Not like I’d have to use one anyways . But still, knowing that makes me feel a little better about myself. There was also some stuff I already knew , though, like how many entrances there are to the Tiger Den . I also knew already what restaurants are in the Tiger Den. Of course, I LOVE FOOD! A good thing I found was the ESP lab in Mitchell Hall . I hadn’t really looked into it until
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Unformatted text preview: I walked in there looking for a seminar brochure . It was so quiet and the lady seemed so nice. I just might go in there from time to time to study and get tutoring . A thing I really felt like I needed to know was that the ATM in the Bookstore lobby place is a First South Credit Union ATM, so I really shouldn’t use it ! I bank with First Tennessee and I feel like other banks charge me an arm and a leg for using their ATMs ! I do however know where there is a First Tennessee ATM not too far away (all the way across campus). All in all, this project was fun but a pain in the neck to do. I had to work my way all around the campus to find information I either did or didn’t need....
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