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Career Exploration Project

Career Exploration Project - ACAD 1100:030 Ms Pepper Walker...

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ACAD 1100:030 Ms. Pepper Walker, Instructor Due OCTOBER 19, 2007 Career/Major Exploration (100 pts total) 1. CAREER EXPLORATION http://www.bls.gov/oco/ Explore the above website for your thoughts on possible careers that you would like to pursue. Your assignment is to review at least 3 different careers. You can search the careers by alphabet or by putting in keywords. 2. LIST OF MAJORS http://www.memphis.edu/majorsminorsindex.htm Review the above website in order to see what majors are available at UM. Once you have reviewed all the majors available at the university, see if the major required for your possible careers is offered. Also, see if there are any additional majors that would interest you. 3. 4 YEAR PLANS Listed below are several websites to assist in reading more about the requirements for the majors and more information about the courses required. Also, we want you to review descriptions for courses that will be required for your majors. http://academics.memphis.edu/bulletin/ 4. COLLEGES and Majors—Each college and major has more information listed at their specific websites. The website below allows you to click on your college choice and then you can find more specific information about your major.
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