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Ozemba 1 Steven Ozemba Courtney Bollinger English 1010 10 September 2007 Silverstein – “World’s Apart” In this song, Shane, the lead singer of the band Silverstein, explains how his now ex-girlfriend gave up a seven year relationship for no reason. The line “You gave it all up, you threw it all away” just basically gives the plot away. Throughout the song, Shane hints at the fact that his ex may have and probably did cheat on him. In the first verse he asks her and then states to her “What do I think you’ve done? You know it’s even worse than what’s in my head.” declaring that he has an idea of what she has done behind his back. In the chorus of this song, Shane states the metaphor “I’ll swallow swords, spit out my pride” yet says that he’ll “be just fine”. What he is saying is that he’s done
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Unformatted text preview: everything to try to get back with here and he’s even given up his pride fighting for her but without her he’ll make it. In the second verse, Shane recognizes and tells his ex that if they even spoke to each other again they’d have a fight. The last thing that Shane wants to do is have a fight with the girl that he spent many years of his life waiting on. The second and third choruses hold extra lines about how Shane’s ex has lied to him many times and that kills him. But in the third verse he says that maybe one day he’ll be able to get over her and maybe one day he’ll see her and not even care. Once again, for the last time, he repeats the line “I’ll be just fine”....
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