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Reader Response Essay

Reader Response Essay - English 1010 AL-Chokhachi Reader...

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English 1010, AL-Chokhachi Reader Response Essay Spring 2008 Your first formal essay for the semester is a personal reader response essay. Your task for this assignment is to write an essay in which you analyze what you read, how you read, why you read in the way that you do, and what you think that means. For instance, when you read something that’s interesting, challenging, or provocative, you necessarily react and respond to it in ways far more complicated than merely decoding the marks on paper. Your intellect and emotions are affected. Perhaps your values are challenged, or reinforced. You may find yourself confused, or frustrated. What is confusing or frustrating you? You may find yourself objecting to the author’s argument or point of view. What is causing such points of friction? You may find yourself nodding in agreement as you read. What has the author said that appeals to you? Process: Read all three of the following selections found in LA : King’s “I Have a Dream”; Kingsolver’s “Life is Precious or It Isn’t”; or Twitchell’s “How to Advertise a Dangerous Product.” Reread each one a second time, being sure to annotate and highlight as you read.
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