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Peer Review Writer: _______________________________ Reviewer: _____________________________ Type of Paper: Reader Response Title of Essay: ______________________________ Reviewer’s Guide: 1. Is the paper properly formatted, according to MLA standards? 2. Is a Work Cited page attached? Is the entry correct? 3. Is the Summary written in third person? Is it objective? 4. Does the Response section have separate paragraphs for Introduction, Body, and Conclusion? 5. Are the paragraphs well developed? What needs work? 6. In the Response section, what is the writer’s overall opinion of the essay?
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Unformatted text preview: Does the writer substantiate his/her views well? If any areas are weak, what are they? 7. Are quotations used properly? Are citations correct? What needs work? 8. Is the paper well organized? Are the ideas tied together well? If not, what needs work? 9. Are the language and tone of the paper appropriate for the audience? 10. Is the paper free of major grammatical errors, such as commas, SV, tense, SF, FS, CS, spelling, etc.?...
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