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Class Schedule - 1 Class Schedule Spring 2008 This schedule...

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Class Schedule Spring 2008 This schedule is tentative and subject to revision. Such revisions will be discussed in class. You are responsible for keeping track of any schedule revisions. All assigned reading is to be completed before the day of our class meeting. The abbreviation FOC refers to the “Focusing on Content” exercises after a reading selection; the abbreviation FOW refers to “Focusing on Writing” exercises. Readings will be found in Language Awareness . Exercises in They Say, I Say(TSIS) and Rules for Writers (RFW) will be noted by those abbreviations. Please bring your journal and textbooks to every class session. Week One: Coming to an Awareness of Language Monday, 1/14 Syllabus and other red tape Homework: Read “From Reading to Writing” Wednesday, 1/16 Red tape Homework: Read pp. 1-15, and Malcolm X (37), Keller (43), and Raymond (48). Friday, 1/18 Discussion of literacy narratives. In-class writing: How I Learned to Read and Write Homework: Read 16-34; Finish Literacy narrative. Read Hairston’s “What Happens When People Write?” (79), Do FOC 2 and 3 (84) and FOW 1 and 4 (84- 5); read Flower’s “Writing for an Audience” (88), Do FOC 1,2, and 3 (90) and FOW1 (90); read “Shitty First Drafts.” Week Two: Writers on Writing Monday, 1/21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, No class. Wednesday, 1/23 Discuss Hairston and Flowers Read and discuss Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” (90). Homework: Read TSIS “Introduction” and Chapter Two. Also, Read “Gender Wars in Cyberspace” (300), “How to Give Orders Like a Man” (312), and in RFW, read pp. 402-06. Friday, 1/25 The academic summary introduced, explained. See definitions in glossary for paraphrase, summary, and direct quotes. In-class collaboration, drafting of summary of “Gender Wars in Cyberspace.” Homework: Write summary of “How to Give Orders Like a Man.” 1
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Week Three: Men and Women Talking Monday, 1/28 Due: Summary. Language and Gender:
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Class Schedule - 1 Class Schedule Spring 2008 This schedule...

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