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Not All Motorcyclists Are Bad What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see somebody on a Harley Davidson motorcycle? Many think that they are a part of a motorcycle gang , or some low-class drunk that is bar hopping on their motorcycle; or some might think they are dirty . The Hollister Riot or the famous “Labor Day gang rape” may pop up in your head. There are many different types of riders in the Harley Davidson motorcycle subculture . Ninety-nine percent are normal , innocent, law-abiding citizens; the other one percent is the “outlaw bikers”. The outlaw bikers are the bikers you see portrayed in the movies and media as hardcore and violent criminals . Outlaw motorcycle gangs throughout the years have given all motorcyclists a bad image from The Hollister Riot to drug trafficking . The reality is , only a few among the subculture are involved in these activities . The term “ninety per center” and “one per center” has become a dividing line in splitting up the motorcycle subculture . The “one per centers” are the motorcyclists that belong to outlaw motorcycle gangs . These are the people that commit the crimes and give the entire subculture a bad name . The “one per centers” got their name from the famous response from the American Motorcycle Association regarding the brawl/riot at a motorcycle rally in Hollister , California. When asked to make a statement the American Motorcycle Association stated , “The brawl was not a comment on mainstream cyclists: 99% of the bikers are law-abiding citizens , but there’s that last ‘one percent’ that are not
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– those folks ,” the American Motorcycle Association explained, “they are nothing but ‘outlaws’” (Smith). The remaining ninety-nine percent are law-abiding , and they can be classified into a few different subgroup . There are your “hardcore” cyclists that revolve their life around their motorcycle . One San Francisco area based newspaper , The Independent Biker , classified bikers in the point of view of , The Truth, motorcycle club. They are as followed: RUBies , which are Rich Urban Bikers; SEWERS, which are Suburban Weekend Riders; BASTARDS , which are Bought A Sportster, Therefore a Radical Dude; and RIOTS , which are Retired Idiots On Tour (Schouten and Mcalexander 49). One question that many people ask is what is the difference between an “outlaw motorcycle club ” and a “motorcycle club”. An outlaw motorcycle club is a way of life , not just a one month ride on your Harley Davidson with a few of your friends . Members of these outlaw clubs ride their motorcycles in rain , snow, and sleet. Their only way of transportation is their motorcycle , and they would never use a car. Outlaw motorcyclists
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moto - Not All Motorcyclists Are Bad What is the first...

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