Chapter 12 - Dehydration of alcohol to form an alkene...

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Chapter 12 Review For many organic reactions, understanding how they can go in both directions is important!! How can we prepare alcohols? Hydration of alkenes – Markovnikov’s rule! Hydrogenation (Reduction) of aldehyde to 1 o alcohol Hydrogenation (Reduction) of ketone to 2 o alcohol Reactions (that are the reverse of how to prepare the alcohols)
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Unformatted text preview: Dehydration of alcohol to form an alkene Oxidation of 1 o alcohol to form an aldehyde Oxidation of 2 o alcohol to form a ketone Phenol- used as germacides (Joseph Lister Listerine!) LOWER NUMBERS GO FIRST Ch4 = methane ch3 = methyl CH3O = methoxy alkoxy 2 propanone = acetone = nail polish remover...
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