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Alex Bergstrom - Interview Subject 2 Age: 20, Hometown:...

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Interview Subject 2 Age: 20, Hometown: Stillwater, Minnesota, Year: Junior, Major: English What are your plans for after graduation? I do not know. (.34) Do you plan on going to grad school? I would say possibly. I would say less likely than it is likely What job do you see yourself going into? If I went onto grad school, I may go onto law school so maybe that. Or just being a freelance writer. What would you estimate your starting salary to be? For a legal career I would say more than fifty thousand. What about at the peak of your career? About a hundred thousand Do you have an idea of the starting salary of a free-lance writer? Not really, no What would you value most about working in your future job? What would be your motivation? Just the creative outlets it could offer, more for self fulfillment What importance would money play into this? Less. It would rank somewhere after my being personally fulfilled. What are your parent’s jobs? My dad is an insurance agent and my mom does not work. What are their education levels? They both graduated from college, from the University of Nebraska, with a bachelor of science. Would you consider yourself as having grown up in a fairly traditional household?
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Yes, I would How was your family’s housework split?
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Alex Bergstrom - Interview Subject 2 Age: 20, Hometown:...

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