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repro_quiz2b - 7 The DH E l(1/2 pt has a fibroelastic penis...

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Unformatted text preview: \__/' 7) The DH E l (1/2 pt.) has a fibroelastic penis, While the L [01’ 5f (1l2 pt.) has an engorged penis. (i.e., What species?) 8) The spongy erectile tissue immediately surrounding the penile urethra is called the '1'! .. _ _ ——'-’---a.gm‘i;.'.' .. _,;:‘ I . _ . D—lw‘npm..uwll pt.) CW? LXS $19M \ OQUV] BONUS: The “bone” found in the penis of some species (eg., raccoons) is called the O i I (or Mountain Man’s Toothpick; 1/2 t. P ...
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