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repro_midterm4 - £9 31 The tail Offilc epididymjs is...

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Unformatted text preview: £9 31. The tail Offilc epididymjs is called the: (a) corpus epididymis epl 1 's @cauda epididymis (d) caput epididymis 32. The accessory glands which secrete fluids that flush urine residue from the urethra before expulsion of semen during the ejaculatory process are the: C 33. Thestriated muscle that is the primary muscle supporting the testes is the: swath mama @ cremaster muscle (b) tunica dartos (Wm 4mm (b) prostate glands (c) vesicular glands @cowper’s glands 34. The precursor of steroid hormones is: (a) amino acids .cholesterol (ci Wptopfian ((1) fatty acids 35. The pituitary gland is located in a bony depression called the: (a) anterior lobe (b) posterior lobe (c) tunica encapsulata @ sella turcica 36. The hormone released from the posterior pituitary that stimulates contraction of smooth muscle in the uterus and oviduct is: (a) preéaeth'r" (Bj‘TSH «(ea-EH .thocin 37. Gonadotropic hormones are secreted by the: .ituitary gland Wd (efi-eorptts-l‘nteum {di-epididymis 3 8. GnRH is secreted by the: (a) anterior pituitary hypothalamus flywheel-grand— (d) posterior pituitary 39. Prostaglandin E2 is: ~Ea-}-l~ureolytic @nti-luteolytic (Ci—androgenic (.dJ-ssuogen-i-c 40. What is a nanogram? 6 10'9 (c) 10“? (co/id” The surge of estradiol that is associated with follicle growth before ovulation causes estrual behavior and: luteolysis (ha—rem (c) release of the prcovulatory LH surge (d) recruitment of the dominant follicle _/ ...
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