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repro_quiz3a - Physiology of Regroduction Female Anatomy...

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Unformatted text preview: Physiology of Regroduction Female Anatomy Quiz #3 “J Namafihfl‘: i @1951 Date: Q“ I I to Z I) The site of fertilization in the oviduct is the (“lyefllhfl ”5i if} i [ii g: l ”3'16th . (1 pt.) 2) The [ @élwlflflim is the region that houses the vessels and nerves which enter and leave the ovary (1 pt). 3) Follieles on the ovary that degenerate or die are said to be (or undergo) {ZVCSI m (1 pt.) 4) Granulosa cells surround the antrum of a follicle and create a mound of cells around the ovum that is called the Q 939g] 13.2 i314! (1 pt), while granulosa cells that are in immediate contact with the ovum form the 1 (NZ! w\ ml; 4; [5 i Z) (1 pt). “r" 5) The following species have what type of uterus: Flam S \ 6) The oviduct joins the uterine horn at a junction referred to as the H term-Mod woollen . (1 pt.) was; I” r {on Jubciim 7) The blind pocket that is located immediately around the outside of the cervix in the vagina which is often a problem when conducting artificial insemination is called the ’RDrn l g (1 pt). ...
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