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repro_quiz13a - 6 Physiology of Regroduction Semen...

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Unformatted text preview: 6 Physiology of Regroduction Semen Evaluation II - Quiz #13 Mei“ loam ng Date: @3103 \ 1) What does CASA stand for ‘2' (1 pt.) " New mama 5W W 2) Define (1 pt. each): Amosglermia: Md y‘QfMIQ’ Nogpofm / } . Teratozoospermia: W >< 0.331057"me Sperm Necromosnermia: dead 99mm 3) What does CSS stand for and what does it do '2' (1 pt.). er" \ 4) If milk is used as a semen diluter you need to heat inactivate it because the (4W .5 \O H \ Kat is in milk is spermicidal ? (1 pt). YE wag“ @ Efiaomlfl Lathe/n m Wfigw 5) When would you breed a sow or gilt after detected estrus by AI ? (1 pt.) a»: \ Ajax WWW Max M 12, am [adv 6) Your bull “BRUNO” has undertone a Breeding Soundness Evaluation as is rated “Classified Deferred”. What does this mean ? (1 pt.) .__.\ TROKJF Mum [Mal beblmd. W V KW HQ dud not CFO 2303513 “A W5 nglwé Smdlvgr Wain. mg MGM was WUV'WMa/ex - (LR “limited we, reamed {Mr W ...
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