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repro_quiz10a - Ph iolo of Re reduction Synchronization of...

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Unformatted text preview: Ph iolo of Re reduction Synchronization of Estrus — Quiz # 10 Name: Em‘l [if/kw Date: \ l f [g l 0/) 1) What is MPA and MGA? (1 pt.) aft/“HAM WW HWJMpyLa/iaejrmH/fpfiécj 64: mm Lam hat: #0 Rim: mrm lame «enough LWWMQ m m H) W Wall TLC (WMgcThy%%C Mpflra/flfiflu 2) Lutalyse, Estrumate and Bovilene are commercially available forms of what hormone? (1 pt.) 3) What is the value (or benefits) gained by using an estrus synchronization program? (1 'pt-) W W We 19% Uwhg meow Sghdnwm’whm lama-WWW *qw kayawliuw Mag; medias ”W3 36W 43W- «Tlms W1“ la Wham/)3 p lo W51) ‘6‘“ Wow WW wwg W m‘ 4) What is a CIDR? (1 pt.) (Unholy?) helm thag’Lha/Q 99169151ny ale/VIC?” pr :5 \f S .l 0rd 13 Mia/Hr} m‘rohfi—e qumm 019 W _ rm me l gm teamm coma in fir ') to 17, Am? '. 'lléWWCMNcM 5. What hormones (actual hormones, n_ot trade names) do you give as part of the OVSynch synchronization system? (1 pt.) We WNW flood—our: 91% m Hf Oai‘qhdn mefloo we saw and Pééw wmqwm i \l/ gmAdolmpth Pilé'wlhgx WMM ...
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