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repro_quiz1a - Quiz 1 History of Reproduction Name mhflk...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 1 History of Reproduction Name: mhflk Lflfimgj Date: 38 07 1) ' EMU 52}- 1A3 was an early authority on Syphillus and is known for describing the Fallopian tube. (1 pt.) 2.) Who invented'the radioimmuue assay? 6" 0V] and P) if 4A (1/2 pt. each) 3) The first to perform artificial insemination (using the dog) was an Italian priest named: EzEMqiiflglhfli i (1P0 4) The progressive growth and differentiation of an embryo is referred-to as {in (1 pt.) I. 5) Who performed the first recorded endocrine experiment using roosters '? 03‘) {Win regi (1 pt.) 6) What scientific duo coined the term “hormone”? i Zfli WW3 and EM “5 (1/2 pt. each) 7) LEE; {1! 9 described the interstitial cells that produce testosteron in the testis (1 pt). 8) § 332 i ‘3 (1 {EV/- documented the structures of the ovary, and is particularly known for his descriptions of the dominant, preovulatory follicle (1 pt.) ...
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