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soc review #22-27

soc review #22-27 - 22 What are the assumptions of the...

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22. What are the assumptions of the human resource frame, according to Bolman and Deal? What do they see as the importance of a human resource philosophy to organizations? How does the human resource frame contrast with “traditional scientific management”? Organizations exist to serve human needs. People and organizations need each other o People need careers, salaries, opportunities o organizations need ideas, energy, and talent When the fit between individual and system is poor, one or both suffer. o Individuals are exploited or they exploit the organization—or both become victims A good fit benefits both. o Individuals fine meaningful/satisfying work o Organizations get the talent and energy they desire Importance of HR Frame to organizations: provides overall guidance and direction o Build & Implement an HRM Strategy o Hire the right people Know what you want Be selective o Keep them Reward well Protect jobs Promote from within Share the wealth o Invest in them Invest in learning Create development opportunities o Empower them Provide information and support Encourage autonomy and participation Redesign work Foster self-managing teams Promote egalitarianism o Promote Diversity Hold managers accountable Contrast with “traditional scientific management” o HR Frame focuses on relationship between individual and the organization, but people at work mostly relate to others 23. How do other theorists of motivation (e.g., McGregor, or Janis in “Classic Readings”) build on Maslow’s discussion of human needs? McGregor: o Manager’s assumptions about people tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies “Theory X” assumptions by managers
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soc review #22-27 - 22 What are the assumptions of the...

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