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The objective of this experiment was to introduce us to acid-base titration and to have us observe the reactivity of metals with both water and acid. To obtain results for experiment one, we placed both water and diluted HCl in separate test tubes and then observed if they reacted when we placed Zinc and Calcium in them. We determined that when we combined Zinc and HCl, heat was released, combustion was heard, and a flame was slightly visible. The chemical equation for this reaction is: Zn+2HCl >ZnCl2+H2. When we combined Calcium and HCl, heat was released and combustion and a flame were present. The chemical equation for this reaction is: Ca+2HCl >CaCl2+H2. When we combined Zinc with water, tiny bubbles formed on the outside of the zinc pieces. When we combined Calcium and water, the solution turned purple and foaming bubbles appeared. The purpose of experiment two was to determine a molecular formula by using titration. In order to do this, we filled two flasks with calcium and 150 ml of DI water. Then we stirred the flasks until all the calcium was reacted and then we added blue
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