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Justin Davis-000252888 English 101 Ashley Combest September 25, 2007 Thornton Athletic Center I was allowed to spend no more than five minutes in Thonton Athletic Center before being told repeatedly that I had to leave because I was not a student-athlete. Thornton Athletic Center says a lot about where our values as a school lie. The environment the building creates is one that values learning but also places an emphasis on some students deserving more than others. The outside of Thornton Athletic Center seems just like any other building when you first see it, but if looked at more closely you notice a few things. The building is located right next to the track and field arena, across the street from Stokely Athletic Center and right on Pat Summit road. All of these things around the center tell the athletes one thing, too succeed on the field you must first succeed in the classroom and this building is a great place to start. Once inside the first thing you see is the Peyton Manning Study Center. Having this study center named after one of the most successful
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thornton - Justin Davis-000252888 English 101 Ashley...

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