Echinodermata notes - fall 2007

Echinodermata notes - fall 2007 - Slide of starfish arm...

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Survey of the Animal Kingdom Phylum Echinodermata Phylum Echinodermata = echinoderms - Marine, bottom-dwellers - Name means “spiny skin” – skeleton made of calcareous plates (= ossicles) with spines protruding through skin - Adults display radial symmetry; larvae display bilateral symmetry - Possess a water vascular system (WVS) – functions in locomotion, feeding, respiration o WVS consists of madreporite, stone canal, ring canal, radial canal, ampulla, and tube feet - Have dermal (skin) gills for respiration Class Asteroidea o Oral surface with mouth o Aboral surface with anus and madreporite o Have pedicellariae (tiny pincer-like structures that remove debris) o Ex: sea stars (starfish) Starfish dissection Starfish models Preserved specimens
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Unformatted text preview: Slide of starfish arm Class Ophiuroidea o Have very slender arms o Creep along bottom of ocean very rapidly o Ex: brittle stars, basket stars Preserved and live specimens Class Crinoidea o Oral surface points upward o Have highly branched, feathery arms o Ex; sea lilies, feather stars Preserved specimens Class Echinoidea o Ossicles of endoskeleton are fused into a shell called a test o No arms o Move via spines and tube feet o Ex: sea urchins, sand dollars Preserved and live specimens Class Holothuroidea o Leathery texture, cucumber-like bodies o No arms o Few if any spines o Mouth surrounded by tentacles o Ex: sea cucumbers Preserved and live specimens...
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Echinodermata notes - fall 2007 - Slide of starfish arm...

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