Socialiszation - accurately identify gender Agents of...

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Women's Studies Socialization Socialization is the process by which individuals learn to perform various roles adequately. (Kimmel) Primary socialization- beginning in the family, allows the child to acquire what is necessary to fit into society, especially language and acceptable social skills. Continuing socialization- provides the basis for the varied roles that people will fill throughout their lives. Identification theory - children learn gender role unconsciously by modeling same sex parents behavior. Social learning theory - sees socialization in terms of rewards and punishment. Cognitive development theory - the mind matures through interactions with the environment, with gender identity having behavior organized around it. Gender schema theory - (Bem) child learns cultural definition of gender, and organizes behavior around it. A schema is a cognitive structure which help interprets perception of the world and before a schema can be formulated and gender related information processed, the child must be at a cognitive level to
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Unformatted text preview: accurately identify gender. Agents of socialization 1. family 2. peers and preferences 3. television 4. school Stages in normal female-male sex differentiation Female Male stage 1 Chromosones xx xy (Male gonads differentiate faster and earlier Stage 2 ovaries testes Gonads Stage 3 estrogen androgen Gonadal hormones Female Male Stage 4 Internal fallopian tubes seminal accessory uterus vesicles organs Stage 5 External clitoris penis genitalia labia minora scrotum vaginal orifice stage 6 sex label female male stage 7 gender of feminine masculine rearing Show the various dimorphic(contained in both) characteristics in humans Body size 92% overlap IQ 98% overlap Neutral laterality lateralization is the degree to which brain functions are specialized in the right or left hemisphere. In right handed people, the left side of the brain is usually dominant for language skills as well as motor coordination....
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Socialiszation - accurately identify gender Agents of...

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